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April 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Top row: McArthur family Easter 1989, McArthur family at Zimbabwe Ruins, Dan with friends. Bottom row: Church at Kwe Kwe, Dan at Zimbabwe Ruins, , McArthur family 1993.

Thirty one years ago on the first of April, Dan and I (Theresa), along with our four oldest children arrived in South Africa on our way to Zimbabwe. So much has transpired over those 31 years. We have encountered so many great times along with many challenges. But more than anything else we have seen the faithfulness of our loving Father to lead us and care for us. He has given us so many "children" in the Lord all around the world. Over and over again we have seen His power and love poured out leading people to salvation, deliverance, healing and breakthrough. We are so thankful for all He has done through the years and are eagerly anticipating all that is yet to come.

The world has changed a lot since last we wrote. The Coronavirus has altered so many things, much of which will never be the same again. Dan and I are in "lock down" in our small apartment in Gordon's Bay, South Africa waiting on and seeking the Lord. Before all this happened we had plans to be in Zambia in April and then in Zimbabwe for most of the month of May, but those trips are presently on hold. We are still hoping to be in the US in June for furlough and for the birth of our 12th grand baby. (Our son Andrew and his wife Bianca are expecting their second child. Yay! :)

When we view the present circumstances from a natural perspective it can all be very overwhelming and frightening. That is why we need to spend time seeking the Lord's face and hearing what is in His heart. Our God is such a loving Heavenly Father and His heart is certainly for us, not against us. His ways and plans are so great and we, as His children, can rest in that knowledge. This morning in my prayer time I was so awestruck as I sensed the Lord's heart for this season. I believe we are on the verge of a great world wide revival that will be like nothing we've ever experienced before. Even though church buildings and ministries all over the world have had to close their doors, the church is still very much alive. And from our place of seclusion, from our prayer closets, I believe will we will hear great testimonies of God's power to save and heal from every corner of the earth. I sense that God is going to meet the lost right where they are, visiting them in dreams and visions and encounters with Jesus all over the world, even in countries that before have been closed to the gospel. We have heard testimonies of that very thing happening in recent years and months and I believe it will continue and increase. What we have been limited to do, Holy Spirit is going to do in great power. Our part in this great move must be to find His presence daily, to hear His heart and His plans and then to agree with them in prayer and to declare them on the earth with our voices raised in faith and boldness. Situations will also present themselves to us to be able to minister into the lives of those God gives us in the days to come and with love and grace we will be able to lead them to Jesus in repentance and surrender. I believe this move of God will also be like none other in that no one denomination, person or region will be able to take any credit. God alone must receive the glory. What an amazing, awesome God we serve!

Please continue to include us in your prayers. Pray for South Africa. In the best of times South Africa is a very volatile region and is especially so during these difficult times. Also pray for Zimbabwe. Food was expensive before the onset of Covid-19, but now it is scarce and quickly disappearing. We hear from friends in Zambia as well that the situation is very serious and difficult. Please pray for God's grace to be evident in these countries during these hard times.

Dan's novel, The Signature, is published! So if you are looking for good reading material while you are in quarantine or lock down, check it out. The book is available at a discount at: for $17.60. Or you can order it from Amazon at Stay safe and may God bless you abundantly.

In His Service,

Theresa and Dan McArthur

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