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August 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 in Zimbabwe

Hallelujah! Our God is an awesome God! Since our last newsletter Dan and I (Theresa) have been doing a lot of traveling and have seen Father God move in amazing ways. In July we spent 3 weeks in Zimbabwe. We found the situation to be desperate with escalating prices on everything, very little cash availability, 12 hour electricity cuts every day and the water only available to many homes 2 days a week. We spent most of our time in Gweru where we were kept very busy. We had been given a generous donation from IDES in the US to do a feeding program in Zimbabwe. So much of our time was spent with a team of pastors sourcing and buying food. We were able to put together 127 parcels of food comprised of 6 different basic food essentials. These were distributed to the most needy in 4 different churches in Gweru. We were able to be there for the distribution at one of those churches called Royal Family Fellowship. What a humbling experience. This church chose to target the most needy in their neighborhood, inviting the blind and many widows and elderly to come and receive their parcels. Most of those receiving were not members of that church. What a powerful way to show the love of Jesus.

On the 2 different Sundays we were in Gweru we ministered at 4 different churches, bringing words of encouragement to desperate people. During the week we ministered numerous times to the ladies of Women of Excellence who meet every week-day morning for prayer. On one Saturday we taught a seminar on Changing the Spiritual Atmosphere to a combined group of church leaders from various churches. Everywhere we ministered people were eager and open to receive the things we brought, soaking it all in like a dry sponge soaks up water. We were delighted to be able to visit with many friends sharing heart to heart over a meal, a cup of tea, or a donut at our favorited little restaurant, the Dutch Oven.

The last weekend we were in Zimbabwe we traveled to Harare where we taught a seminar on Dealing With Our Adversary on Friday and Saturday. We were excited to see a very large group attend and again soak it up like sponges. The feedback we got from those attending was very positive and full of eager anticipation for more times together. On that Sunday we ministered at 2 different churches. God moved powerfully and we saw hope come into faces that registered no hope when we arrived. God moved in healing to many bodies and hearts as we prayed for those who were sick and downtrodden.

August 2019 in the Philippines

We arrived back home the very end of July and about a week later we traveled with a team of 4 others from Kingdom Fire Ministries to the Philippines. The team was led by our friend, Etienne Blom from Stellenbosch, SA. Dan and I served with the rest as part of the prayer team. Dan also had the privilege to minister in a small church on one of the Sundays. We traveled to and ministered in a couple of regions, first in the Cabadbaran City area and then in the area surrounding Tandag City. Our primary emphasis was to do crusades in the various small towns and villages. The meetings took place in covered basketball gyms where Etienne would bring a powerful Word and invite people to give their lives to Jesus. Then he would invite the sick and downtrodden to come forward for prayer and we would pray for each one. The crowds grew larger each day as people in the regions heard of God's amazing touch of healing for those who were prayed for. The crowds would form long lines to receive prayer, the lines growing longer with each passing meeting. We saw the lame walk, heart diseases healed, eyes opened and hearts healed through the amazing love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. One man Dan prayed for had been in a car accident and suffered with pain in his ribs and chest from the force of the steering wheel being pushed into him. After prayer the pain was completely gone. I could go on and on telling stories of all God did. We fell in love with the precious people of the Philippines. They are so gentle and child like with hearts ready to receive.

We are so privileged to do what we do and we love it! What a joy!! Our God is so good! Please continue to hold us in your prayers. God bless you.

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